Baptist Children’s Home

Baptist Children’s Home was called into existence in 1955 by churches seeking assistance in caring for families and children. BCH, according to the biblical mandate in James 1:27 to “Care for the Fatherless”, answered this call and today cares for more than 1000 children in the United States, India, Southeast Asia and Liberia.

Campus Bible Fellowship

The Campus Bible Fellowship on the campus of Indiana University South Bend is a student organization that encourages the understanding of the historical Christian faith by offering weekly campus Bible studies, mission trips, community projects, rides to church, and various other ministries.

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches

The GARBC exists to maintain an association of sovereign Bible-believing, Christ-honoring Baptist churches; to promote the spirit of evangelism; to spread the gospel; to advance Regular Baptist educational and missionary enterprises at home and abroad; to raise and maintain a testimony to the truth of the gospel and to the purity of the Church; to raise a standard of Biblical separation from worldliness, modernism and apostasy; to emphasize the Biblical teaching that a breakdown of divinely established lines between Bible believers and apostates is unscriptural and to be a voice repudiating cooperation with movements which attempt to unite true Bible believers and apostates in evangelistic and other cooperative spiritual efforts.

Shepherds Ministries

Shepherds Ministries, a nationally recognized organization founded on Jeremiah 23:4, provides compassionate Christian care, vocational education and job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, helping them attain Appropriate Independence with fulfilling jobs and lives, while also providing for their spiritual development.