Serve Others

Our privilege as sons and daughters in God's family is to serve one another. We don't view service as something to be dreaded; rather, we joyfully and humbly sacrifice our time, our gifts, and our preferences to accomplish God's mission through a unified church.

We serve others with our time, recognizing that God has given each of us a limited number of hours and minutes to spend each day. Although our natural bent is to consume that time for our own purposes, we understand that God has redeemed us to give to others.

We serve others with our spiritual gifts, embracing and employing the various talents and abilities that are graciously given by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of building up the Body of Christ. We recognize that God intentionally places individual members into our body to exercise their spiritual gifts in the fulfillment of His work; therefore, we faithfully serve together in ministry teams to accomplish God's mission.

We serve others with our preferences by laying aside our nonessential differences and petty arguments in order to keep our unified focus on the glory of God and the purity of the gospel.