Serving in Children's Ministries

Thank you for your willingness to serve at First Baptist Church of Mishawaka! For the protection of our children, we desire to be thorough in screening all of our children's ministry workers. The following steps must be completed in sequence in order to be considered for serving in our children's ministries:

  1. All of our workers must first read the Child Abuse Prevention Policy and Procedure Manual of First Baptist Church of Mishawaka in its entirety.
  2. After reading the manual, please submit an application and authorization for screening form.
  3. Once these steps are completed, you will be sent a link to watch child abuse prevention training videos.
  4. When all steps have been completed, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified by the church staff if you are approved for serving in children's ministry.

Thank you again for your interest in serving at First Baptist Church!